greyreef computing



Off the shelf computer solutions and databases can be a very cost effective means of solving your IT issues. Training your staff to use the new products, and struggling to force the program to work the way your business works, however, are commonly overlooked problems.

GreyReef Computing seeks to overcome these problems by designing solutions to your exact requirements. We provide turnkey solutions to our customers. Supplying the exact information our customers require in the way they require it, when they require it. That is what we do.

  • Access
  • SQL
  • Barcode scanning
  • Wireless computing
  • ODBC connections
  • VB/VBA programming
  • Web enabled solutions
  • Active Server Pages
  • VB.NET.

The technology is unimportant to us. We can advise, or you can tell us how you want it done. The emphasis is on the Information, not the Technology.

Case Studies