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Nissin Showa


Nissin Showa UK is an Aberdare based automotive parts manufacturer mainly supplying Honda UK. We have provided training, consultancy, database and programming services to NSUK for over 6 years.

Martin is an excellent programmer consultant who has helped turn ideas into reality. We have worked together on many difficult projects and his 'can-do' attitude has been infectious. I would heartily recommend Martin to any company needing to get results from their IT consultancy spend. He is expert in databases, Web solutions and much more. I have known him for several years and we have created some amazing systems over this period, some of which have been authorised by both Honda and Toyota and included in their handbooks as yardsticks to follow. Martin is a good friend and a very useful contact.

Robert Lloyd. IT Manager, Nissin Showa. August 31, 2009

To allow full traceability of Gearboxes, Power Steering Assemblies and other parts we have, together with NSUK's own IT staff,  built a series of interconnected databases using barcode scanning across a radio network at production, primary and secondary testing, packing and distribution. A variety of platforms and control systems are used and these include using an Access database to control and read data from pneumatic and hydraulic test machinery.

Data is collected in database tables and then processed for output to VDUs, Desktop systems such as Access and Excel reports and text files for import to mainframe database systems.

Systems include:

  • End of line scanning and label production, linked to Honda's ordering system.
  • Links to several UK and Japanese test systems and data import for management reporting.
  • Automatic label duplicate prevention.
  • First-In First-Out stock decant system.
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